Get the best boat shrink wrapper
to shelter your boat.

Protect your boat by using shrink wrapper.

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Cover your boat safely and correctly
with our boat shrink wrapper.

Protect your boat by using shrink wrapper.

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Get the best boat shrink wrapper
to shelter your boat.

Protect your boat by using shrink wrapper.

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Need for boat shrink wrapper and its importance to protect the boat?

Boat wrapping is very important to protect the boat.

When it is time to make use your boat in cold weather or you are preparing to transport your boat to a new location, then you want to useboat shrink wrap to keep the boat in best condition.
Boat wrap properly covered on the boat till it is ready to use the boat on water for a second time. If you have are notfixed shrink wrap previously, you have to find the concept of shrink wrapping a boat threatening
To cover a boat with shrink wrapper you need to follow some steps and then you will recognize how to shrink wrap your boat securely
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Instructions followed to wrap shrink the boat safely and properly

The owner of the boat wants to look aftersome instructionsto shrinkwrapthe boat available on the water. You must cover the boat carefully and the shrink wrap must cover the complete top of the boat. The protection must includesome additional height for windshields and other protrusions down to an area on the body below the brush barrier. You must take measurement of the boat before covering the shrink wrap.

After determining the measurements of your boat, consult a shrink wrap company or You should plan to shrink wrap the boat in a well-ventilated area because of the chemicals that will be released during the shrink wrapping process. If you must install shrink wrap outside, try to do so on a clear, windless day to minimize the chances the shrink wrap will stick to itself before it is attached to the boat.


Instructions to be followed before shrink wrapping the boat

  • 1Tape over all fuel vents. Because you will use heat in the following steps, you need to be sure that there is no chance of fuel vapors reaching the heat source and exploding.

  • 2

    Pad any sharp areas. Sharp pieces sticking up, such as windshield corners, antennas, or ski pylons, could cause the shrink wrap to tear and prevent a good seal.

  • 3

    Keep the wrap folded in the box until you are ready to use it. Be sure to keep the wrap off the ground. Try to use 1 piece of wrap to cover the entire boat.

  • 4

    You know your boat best, so be sure to cover any protruding areas with padding before beginning the shrink wrapping process.

  • 5

    If you must use 2 pieces, you will need to join them together with shrink wrap tape and heat, which will take extra time.

Boat Shrink Wrapping

Requirement of belly band for shrink wrapping your best boat

Belly bands are straps that wrap around the boat, keeping the shrink wrap film tight. This allows for a tighter seal when the shrink wrap process is complete. Begin at the bottom on 1 end of the boat. Moving the heat gun in a similar motion to spray painting, move up and down from the bottom of the shrink wrap to the rub rail, and work from 1 end of the boat to the other.Repeat this process on the other side of the boat.Heat the wrap on the top of the boat. Be especially careful around corners and on any objects that protrude because of a higher risk of tearing in these areas.Any moisture content or humidity in the boat will just turn into its own weather system under the wrap for the entire winter. Water or moisture content in that boat will cause problems to your boat.

Best Boat Shrink Wrap

Repair and cover the shrink wrap carefully without any misalignment

Chances are, you may burn a few holes in the shrink wrap. Repair any holes with shrink wrap tape, following the instructions for your brand. Shrink wrap is flammable.

You should keep a close eye on your boat until the finished project has returned to the ambient temperature and be prepared to put out a fire in the unlikely event that one occurs.

These doors allow you access to the boat while maintaining a shrink wrapped seal.During manufacturing, the wrap is overextended though still hot from the extruder.

Boat shrink wrappers are almost elastic in nature. After the shrink-wrap is fitted on the boat this stretching is reversed by the use of heat to the cover.

This is the reason that causes the wrap to shrink over the boat. A special shrink wrap tapes are available to join the wrap composed when needed.

Other type of shrink tape is specially conveyed to tape the cover to the exterior side of the boat. It removes stain and leaves no deposit in the boat.